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What do I need before building a website?

Before building a website, here's what you need to prepare to make it easier. Nothing scary or IT related things you need to have, we will do that part for you.
  1. Domain Name - decide what domain name for your company if you haven't registered it yet.
  2. Content for your website, what sort of text you wish to be displayed on the website. As much as visual appeal on your website design is very important, user still think that content is the king.
  3. Imagery - It is important to have a great quality of your business photography or graphic to be placed on the website. If you're confident with photos or videos you took from you phone, go ahead and put it but we recommend to have professionally taken ones.
  4. Updated contents - Once your website is up and running, prepare for some updated content or photograph of your company activities to show visitors how active your company is.
  5. Give us a call and we can help

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